Business Process Improvement Services

Enhancing Information Technology Effectiveness in Growing Organizations

Just as raw iron and steel were shaped into valuable assets during the Industrial Age, raw data is now shaped into the most valuable asset of the Computer Age – information. Pulleys, cogs and flanges may have been replaced by hard drives, circuit boards and communication gateways, but we are still driven by one common desire – to maximize the value of assets through refining and expanding their usefulness.

Strategic Thinking Can Tie Technology

to Business Processes for the Long-Term

Business process improvement is a critical component of planning, developing and implementing effective information management. Many processes and practices within an organization evolved from multiple generations of technology and/or business facilities. Many of these processes evolved to address technology or facility constraints that may no longer exist within the latest technology advancements. Significant benefits are possible by assessing and re-engineering business processes:

  • Improve cycle times by removing bottlenecks and inefficiencies

  • Improve product “time to market” or important customer services

  • Improve data integrity, reliability, access and control

  • Improve, expand and add upon ways to do business

The overall planning process must consider the interrelationship and inter-dependency of diverse disciplines such as business operations, financial management, sales support and company-wide communication to realize the inefficiencies technology has to offer. The effectiveness and resulting value of these planning elements are diminished if addressed in an organizational vacuum.


It is important for growing organizations to have a strategic technology direction to ensure the technology infrastructure and systems are in place to meet the evolving needs of the business. Specific project plans should be created with an eye toward migrating to a common strategic direction, enabling the fix of immediate risks, formulating a tactical plan and devising change processes and migration plans that minimize impact on the day-to- day business operations.

A Proven Partner Makes All the Difference

North Consulting Solutions consultants recognize the significant importance of information and understand the practical application of technology. Technology, as a business tool, enables our clients to identify and take advantage of ever-changing business trends. In addition to our experience in defining and delivering technology solutions directly tied to client goals and objectives, we also help our clients evaluate and develop new goals, objectives and processes that maximize and expand the use of their valuable information assets.









Call us to define a strategic process and identify technology to protect investments and build a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.


Use proven methodologies to analyze existing processes, identify performance enhancement opportunities, and present practical recommendations that effectively integrate solutions with business goals. We complement our analytical skills with practical experience and an appreciation of unique business requirements.

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