We are specialists that can help your organization adapt and succeed under the Affordable Care Act, healthcare reform initiatives.

There are vast changes coming to health care as the nation struggles to improve access and

outcomes while at the same time bring down the cost.


By 2019, through a complicated formula of caps, rebasing, and reductions, home healthcare agencies will see $37.9 billion in Medicare cuts, and hospice payments will be reduced by $7.8 billion.

For its part in the solution, the government is establishing programs to test new patient care

models. Many of them focus on leveraging home health and hospice to successfully transition

patients from more expensive hospital care. One program bundles services among the hospital, the physician group, the skilled nursing facility, and home health. Another offers financial incentives to states that increase their spending on non-institutional long-term care services.

Experienced Consultants

There is also a move toward value-based purchasing. Medicare will be paying for quality and

expecting qualitative outcome measurements to prove it. In other words, Medicare is expecting home health and hospice agencies to become more efficient and be able to document the effectiveness of their care.

This sounds complicated, but there are also many opportunities. North Consulting Solutions

veterans in home health can help you develop a strategy for leveraging these opportunities.

Whether it means looking for a merger partner or being named a preferred provider for a

hospital, they will support you with data and guidance to make the best decisions for your

organization. The following is a list of services:



◾Chart to bill review of services for accuracy & appropriateness

◾Financial performance improvement

Strategic Planning:

◾Agency start-up & accreditation services

◾Due diligence for mergers & acquisitions

◾Business valuation

Clinical Services:

◾OASIS assessment review for plan of care accuracy, reimbursement opportunities, & recommendations for performance improvement

◾Quality assurance/Performance improvement program review to assess patient outcomes & adherence to regulation

◾Compliance review of medical records for services provided, medical necessity, & program adherence

◾Identification of risks & development of a Corrective Action Plan (CAP)

Compliance Program Consulting:

◾Annual compliance program review and/or program development

◾Additional Document Request (ADR) review & recommendation

◾Survey and/or accreditation Corrective Action Plan (CAP)

◾Mock federal, state, & accreditation survey

Administration and Human Resources:

◾Operations assessment of program efficiency

◾Productivity & staffing analysis

◾Personnel record compliance review

◾Educational services for clinical & non-clinical employees

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