Staying ahead of the Game with Our Custom Business Solutions

At North Consulting Solutions in Stafford, Texas, expect to get customized assistance from our management consulting team. Here, you can seek advice from a highly experienced business consultant, whose expertise in the healthcare industry will keep your company on top of the competition. A full-service business consultation firm, we have aptly divided our services into five categories.

Project and Implementation Management

Successful completion of your projects is guaranteed when you allow our consultants to exercise their skills. As a highly reputable team, we use our combined proficiency in project and implementation management to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Strategic Technology Planning

Although we have carved a name for ourselves as the choice consultants in the medical industry, our expansive skills cross a variety of disciplines and industries. For technology planning, we develop a comprehensive plan that details the best way your business can use technological investments. Customized to your company's needs, it explains why most of our clients place us in their technology committees for year-long guidance.

Business Continuity Planning

Today's business climate demands companies to ready contingency measures that best secure their computer systems and medical records. Referred to as "disaster or hurricane preparedness" in the medical world, these are comprised of effective prevention tactics and practical solutions for technologically related problems. They include the following services:

  • Electronic Records and Retention

  • Business Resumption

  • Security and Risk Assessment

  • Information Systems Recovery

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IT Organizational Review

The structures and skill set of the information systems organization evolve in time with the advancements in technology. In acquiring this service, we assist you in drawing up an effective plan to chart your company's growth. This includes detailed measures that you can exercise to best regulate your current operations.

Business Process Implementation Services

To maximize your company's productivity, architecting your business processes in the most advantageous way possible is imperative. Doing so will require a thorough evaluation and improvement of your business's technology in line with your company's goals and practices. When you rely on our assistance, we advise you on the best approach to take in addressing the following circumstances:

  • Removing Bottlenecks

  • Stream-lining Approval Cycles

  • Reducing Cycle Time

  • Improving the Accuracy and Quality of Processes

  • Decreasing the Number of Required Personnel to Accomplish a Task

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