Strategic Technology Planning

Align IT Goals and Objectives With Business Decision Making and Requirements

 Alignment of business and IT goals has become a key consideration for most businesses. This is especially true with technology infrastructure increasingly being viewed as a strategic asset by most companies. Consequently, IT executives are frequently called upon to provide a strategic vision for the enterprise, which complements the organization’s stated business objectives Understanding and applying the strategic planning process has become a vital skill. 

In most organizations, this alignment is understood differently within the organization. For example,

studies have shown that IT executives believe the greatest problem in the achievement of alignment is the lack of a close relationship between IT and business. Business leaders ranked this second, while stating the top inhibitor as poor prioritization by IT. This is also seen as a problem by IT, however it is a distant second. The next inhibitor for IT executives is lack of executive support for IT, which is ranked fifth by business executives.

NORTH CONSULTING SOLUTIONS facilitates alignment, while providing independent perspective on best practices and industry trends. We combine our knowledge from our other practice areas, ranging from technical audits to application selections, with our strategic experience to guide our clients through a pragmatic approach to developing a living strategic technology plan. The strategic technology plans we develop with our clients generally consist of the following sections:

  • Executive summary

  • Mission

  • Future vision

  • Current environment assessment

  • Strategic goals

  • Strategies

  • IT organization objectives with performance measures and projects


The template forms a hierarchy, with a single mission, future vision, and environment assessment with multiple strategic goals. Each goal may have more than one specific strategy to pursue to meet the goal. Similarly, each strategy may have several objectives. It is at the level of objectives that it is reasonable to introduce performance measures to gauge progress toward achieving the objectives and, therefore, the strategies and goals.

Projects are typically the links between plans and the budgeting process. As they are used in this

document, projects are undertakings directed at the accomplishment of an objective. Projects, with cost and schedule estimates, may implement new information systems or major improvements to

existing systems. Their completion should mark progress toward reducing the gap between an

organization's current state and its future vision.

NORTH CONSULTING SOLUTIONS provides a complete framework from which a strategic plan is built to drive future technology investments, as well as foster a partnership between business and IT leaders. Call us to find out how to tap our expertise for a detailed strategic plan.

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