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North Consulting Solutions (NCS) is and has been very active in the medical arena in the Houston area. We have been providing support to different kinds of Medical Practices with a specific focus on Home Health for many

At North Consulting Solutions, ITs' Simple.

Changes in health care and the technology that supports those changes are profound. No single industry has been affected more by the pressures to improve the quality care and reduce costs all while meeting the ever increasing regulatory changes and mandates. Technology can be a critical enabler to the future of all healthcare service providers. First, all organizations must have the appropriate infrastructure, security, electronic medical records (EMR), and standards established to ensure integration and data sharing with a variety of organizations, including perceived competitors.

As you consider implementing technology to improve quality of care and reduce your costs, remember that the processes surrounding those activities must be modified to ensure optimum utilization of the technology while improving the process. A holistic view is oftentimes necessary, and it’s one our experienced consultants can provide. As a member of a dynamically growing medical office in the Houston Area, you need the best support you can find to keep your network working for you.

North Consulting Solutions has proven themselves to be the best in the business time and time again. Our goal is to keep your medical office running with the best IT solutions possible and the most up-time available from any consulting firm, period. 

Maintenance Pricing saves you money!

  Contact our dedicated IT team today at 832-539-7083 to get started. You can also e-mail us at 


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